Friday, June 28, 2013

nash picture a day

i haven't posted nash's picture a day for awhile!
finally here it is again.
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it's so fun to look back at each of these pictures and it reminds me of each and every day that i have had with nash.
  a specific memory of everyday that i have had with him.
  that is exactly why i wanted to do this project.
this week i was looking back at the beginning of this project and the beginning of nash's life. 
i specifically remember taking the first few shots of his first few days and telling myself to soak those first days in and remember every detail because before i could blink i knew that he would be toddling around and getting into everything. 
and here we are.
weird how that happens.
i need to start planning his first birthday party.

highlights of this week include quality time with family, picking strawberries from our backyard, lots of time outside, seeing nash stand by himself and not holding onto anything (this one also makes me cry a little),  and thinking about our upcoming trips (i can hardly stand the wait)

day307: heartstealers
day308: always want to remember his wispy baby hair, itty bitty nose, and his sweet little toes
day309: this was a hurry lets take a photo before you go to bed because i haven't taken your picture yet today...
day310: my little munchkin
...mastering the art of balance.  he's getting good.
day311: if you want some attitude feel free to take that hose from him.  he gets it honest.
day312: hi ho cheerio

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