Wednesday, July 3, 2013

let's chat.

--we are leaving in a few hours to head out for our first camping trip for the summer.
--i am excited!
--google reader has now gone away.  so if you would like follow my blog via bloglovin that would be great!
--nash is still sleeping which 99% of the time means i am still in bed, but thought i should say hello on the blog world before i take off for the rest of the week.
--i have a million other things i should be doing.
--first time camping with a baby!!!  i am wondering if it will be glorious or miserable...
--i am addicted to the game hay day.  if you don't want to be addicted to a game don't get it.  fair warning.
--i spent an evening up in the mountains this past weekend and it was so nice!  constantly pinching myself that i live in a meca of gorgeousness.
--i need to go do laundry, shower, bathe my child, bathe my dog, load the dishwasher, pack, and pack, and pack.  think i can get this accomplished in 3 hours?  i think so.  i am a born procrastinator.  i like to look at it as a challenge instead of being unprepared! :)

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