Friday, April 5, 2013

instafriday & nash picture a day

here is our week in pictures! 
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if you do already follow me on instagram this could be boring to you! :)

day 222: so fun to watch him discover new things that he can do.
  even the small think like holding a toy over his head.
day 223: celebrated this cool kid today.
can't believe his is twelve.
day 224: happy easter from my little bunny. xoxo
day 225: mid-day splashes
day 226: it was extremely loud and he was extremely tired.
day 227: we love the sunshine and silly faces
day 228: where the grub goes down!

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  1. What a serious cutie!!


  2. That photo of you and your baby boy outside is the cutest photo:) It should be framed.

  3. Hehe, he looks like he is scheming something in that last picture! So cute.