Tuesday, April 9, 2013

6 months old

happy 6 months!
i can't believe we are half way to you being one.
time goes too fast.
you are such a scrumptious little baby and i don't want your baby days to go too quickly.
we do a good job of savoring our time though.
each new stage with you is so fun.
it's like you have been with us forever and impossible to imagine life without your little self.
in your short six months you have shown me a whole new definition of love.
i love the bond that we share.
i wanted to be a mom since i was walking i think
 and i am so thankful that you are the one that made me a mother.
i get so excited to think about all of life that we get to experience together.
you rock nash.

your momma
(*written on february 19th - wanted to wait for your pictures to post)
(7 month post coming soon)  :)

photo credit: Jess Bishop Photography
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  1. What a sweet little fella you have there! Precious!

    Happy 6 months, Nash!

  2. DYING at the cuteness!!! love, love, love!

    1. thanks dear!! :) i die of the cuteness of max every.single.day.