Wednesday, April 3, 2013

our easter weekend

i love easter.  what it means and stands for.
getting to celebrate that jesus died for our sins and rose is such a privilege.
we went to a special service on friday night to celebrate good friday.

on saturday my younger brother ethan turned 12!
we celebrated by eating at subway and going bowling.
i remember when he was nash's age.
doesn't seem that long ago.
i have some awesome pictures of me in my prom dress
 holding him when he was around 7 months old.

on saturday evening we went to a real salt lake game.
it was so nice outside but got a little bit cooler than i thought it would.
they won!

for easter we went to church and then went over to my parents for some lunch.
i love living so close to family.
i wish i could live close to all my family, but i'll take what i can get.
after lunch we headed to robert's family.
we spent time just hanging out in the sun.
had a small shooting of eggs contest.
nash and his cousin levi had a bath toys hunt instead of an easter egg hunt
 since they can't eat candy quite yet.
thanks to there aunt!
it was a sweet day.

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