Sunday, March 3, 2013

instafriday & nash pic a day (a few days behind)

robert's bday cake.  strawberry with lemon icing.  his request. | stoked for this weekend.  almost ready!

day 187: happy happy birthday dad!! | day 188: new game we play. mom steals my mute button.  i laugh hysterically. i steal it back.  repeat. repeat. repeat. | day 189: downward dog. he's got it down. | day 190:  this boy.  he is the best. | day 191: rosy cheeks after a nap. | day 192: these two.  they have fun together. | day 193: we tried peas today.  next up avocado. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey found you via GFC! What a cute little guy you have!!! And strawberry cake with Lemon icing? Genius I tell ya!!! I am going to have to make that very soon!