Monday, February 25, 2013

our weekend.

we had a good weekend!
it snowed again.  shocking! (not really)
although we are a snow loving family.  you won't see any complaints from us.
we have a snowboard weekend planned for next weekend so the more snow the better.
we can't wait!

robert had a handball tournament.
i never knew what handball was before i met him.
basically racquetball with no racquet's.  they only use there hands.
i humored robert one time and decided to try to play a game with him.
let me tell yeah... sore hands.  they were swollen for days and i was just messing around.
i have no idea how it could be such fun when you are inflicting such
 horrible pain to your hands.
i suppose after you play as much as these guys do you
 become numb to your hand hitting the ball
over and over and over and over and over.
robert is competitive on a level i will never understand.
he loves it.
and so i love it because he does.

on sunday we enjoyed church and a day at home.
got caught up on downton abbey.
that show is simply amazing. one of my top 3 favorites.
i can't imagine anyone who doesn't know about it or hasn't seen it.
but if you are one of them go!
you will thank me.

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