Monday, March 4, 2013

the plunge

this weekend nash got his first taste of swimming.
i full on expected him to be his usual busy body self.
surprisingly he was timid. reserved. and nervous.
it was the cutest thing watching him cling to us.  he knew where his safe spot was.
as parents we have a huge responsibility for providing that safe spot for our kids.
it is a privilege that i am so thankful to have.
it is my job to provide a safe and loving home for nash.
to provide him a clean and safe place to lay his head every night.
i know there is a healthy balance of encouraging your kids to step out and be brave
 and to also let them do things in there own time.
i want to strive to have that balance with nash.
i want to be his safe place to run to when he needs comforted.
i will be the arm he leans on and the shoulder he clings to as he discovers the world around him.

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