Friday, October 19, 2012

a picture a day - instaFriday

Before Nash was born I decided I was going to attempt to take a picutre of Nash everyday for his first year of life.  I typically do NOT do very good at things like this.  I have the best intentions but I lose interest after awhile or get busy and forget.
And honestly a year long project sounds like torture to me!! - But I thought this would be such a cool thing to have for Nash when he gets older. 

So far I am doing good!  Go me!  I am 60 days in and going strong.
Originally I wanted to take the picutres using my good dslr camera... but then i told myself that I needed to be realistic.  Seriously Ashly!!
Having to make sure I have my good camera by my side everyday is just not going to happen. 
So I decided to commit to taking the pictures with my iphone and I decided to use instagram to keep them organized.
I think I can manage to have my phone by my side everyday ;)

I am sure all of my instagram followers could be slightly annoyed by the overwhelming pictures of Nash but if that is the case I guess they can just stop following me.  : )

Here is the beginning of the project - Days 1 -20.
Once I catch up with updating my blog to where I currently am than I will just post the actual week that we are in.

Oh and if you would like to follow along with the Nash
picture-a-day craze AND life in general find me on instagram!

 he's here | my sweet baby boy | all cuddles at home | sully is adjusting just fine
worn out from his 5 ounce weight gain in 24 hours | first bath at home | first smile captured | strapped in and ready for his first shopping trip
getting to know Aunt Mimi | spending some time outdoors with mamma | i'm hungry | nash
first Real game | hanging out with grandpa | wishing grandpa and grandma didn't live so far | a full day of naps and cuddles

go cowboys | bird legs | my boys | can't imagine my life without him

life rearranged

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  1. He's adorable ! Enjoy every little moments ! They grow up so fast !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  2. Look how much he has grown already! What a doll!! So stinkin precious!!

    New follower from #H54F.


  3. Ash I love that u are taking all the pics not only because he is so stinking cute but it will be awesome for him to see like u said and bring back great memories! I'm jealous but so happy for u guys!

  4. Omg he is seriously so cute. Those little legs!