Tuesday, October 16, 2012

one month.

This blog has been towards the bottom of my list these days.  That is not where I want it but life has been happening and I have got to make a better effort! 

Little Nash turned one month back on September 19th!  We are so close to him being two months that I needed to do his one month post before I have to do his two month post.  

Nash has adjusted well to life outside of my belly - and we definently prefer him out rather than in!  We have loved getting to know him.  He is so sweet and we catch ourselves saying "he is so cute" multiple times a day.  We just can't help ourselves!  In his first month we watched him get more and more alert and he seems to get stronger everyday.  We love to hold and cuddle him and I find that I have a hard time getting things done because I just want to hang out with him all the time.  I thankfully have had the whole month off of work so I can do just that!

Nash had lots of visitors.  My dad and stepmom came to visit us all the way from South Carolina and my sweet Aunt Deb came from Texas.  He had a whole clan to meet on his Robert's side - they all live pretty close.  
Everyone keeps telling us what a great baby he is... we seem to agree! 

We were able to get out and about with him quite a bit already.  He went to his first Real Salt Lake Soccer game when he was just under two weeks.  The game almost got cancelled because of lightening.  When my dad was here we took him to Park City with us.  With family visiting we ended up being on the go quite a bit. 

The first month flew by and I can honestly say I have really enjoyed every part of it!  
Nash is the best.

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