Friday, May 3, 2013

nash picture a day.

friday.  it's here again!
we are all the way through day 257 with the nash picture a day project!
that means my boy is growing. and too fast if you ask me.
slooooooooooow down son.
hope you all had a great week!

day 250: i've got the sun in my hair.  the breeze in my face  and a ball to play with.  life is gooooood.
day 251: hiding my eyes from the sun and cheering for real salt lake
day 252: fun in the sun with mom
day 253: nash and levi spending the day together (they are cousins - ten weeks apart)
day 254:  this boy is a complete spaz when he is tired.  he frantically moves from one thing to the next because he is afraid if he slows down for one second he might show some sign of being sleepy.
you can't feel me nash.
day  255:  y'all this teething business sucks.  my mom caught me "teething" on a dog toy earlier - she figured she better make it up to me and give me a carrot.  i suppose i'll forgive her.  in fact she deserves the mom of the year award" - nash
day 255:  you see me rollin...
day 256: thanks henry for my little bible!  i can't wait to dig in.

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