Friday, May 17, 2013

nash picture a day & instafriday

day 264: me and my baby celebrating this sweet weekend with a full heart | day 265: outside all day long | day 266:  our first mother's day together.  he gave me the sweetest card and lots of love & so thankful for this boy.  he made me a mom and i will forever be changed | day 267: i will chew on this and i will chew on that | day 268: entertaining ourselves with the camera | day 269: blind obsession | day 270: my walking buddy

finally broke out these hot pink sweethearts.  it's warm and sunny and that is only made better with pink pants.  ;)
day 2 of mother's day weekend.  on our way to hang out with robert's family.
double rainbow!!  what does it mean?!?  if you haven't seen this video -  you should watch it.  it makes us laugh around here.
ever had one of those projects you have been putting off for MONTHS.  yes us too.  here we are finally breaking that terrible habit. we decided to redo our spindles in our house.  we have like 50 of them.  sanding them is the worst job ever and then we have to stain them.  can't wait until it is all finished.  
hope everyone had a great week!!  if you want to follow along find me on instagram @ashlywirth

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