Friday, May 17, 2013

my first mother's day

my first mother's day was special.  there is something so sweet about being a mom on mother's day.  it's like your heart swells with pride for your kid and you are so thankful for the privilege that you have just to be there mom.  that's the feeling i had all day long.  i swear my heart grew about 5 times in size after having nash.  it makes me giddy for my sweet friends that will be experiencing motherhood in the future for the first time.  
on friday robert and nash spoiled me with a trip to the mummies of the world exhibit and to one of my favorite meals.  a little bit of shopping and walking around in the sunshine.  it was just the three of us and perfect.
on saturday we celebrated with robert's mom and sisters with a bbq. lots of time outside on blankets just enjoying each others company.
on sunday we spent the day with my mom and family here.  grilled salmon and fun games all together on the trampoline.  then a camp fire and s'mores to end the night.  it was just right.

it was a special weekend that i was looking forward to.  one that i want to remember always.

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