Wednesday, April 24, 2013

project overload

i love pinterest.  i really do.  talk about inspiration station. 
but sometimes i go on there and i am so overwhelmed due to the large amount of projects it makes me want to tackle.  and it makes me not tackle anything at all!  i just look instead of actually doing.

i am currently working on my first "real" crotchet project.  which is going great!  however, i decided to make a large blanket and it is taking FOREVER.  i am excited for the end and how it will turn out but it is going to take some time to get to that point.  i have used 5 skeins of yarn and probably need about 20 more.   if you want to see a picture of my progress find it here.

another project i am just about to start on with one of my best friends is this...
have i ever embroidered before?  NO!! 
this looks like it may be somewhat intermediate.   but i can't pass it up because it is just so pretty! 
doing it with a close friend will be good for moral support.  and probably much needed moral support. 
i'll keep you posted on my progress.
  *fair warning - i have a bad bad habit of starting and not finishing things*

this is an easy enough project.
and one that would be good for my morning coffee drinking habit.
 {could not find original source}

i have had my eye on doing something like this for awhile.

and this blanket is amazing.
talk about an amazing piece to make for a baby and have it passed down through the family.
this is a must and i will be doing this in the future! 
wish me luck!!
what projects are you currently working on?  i'd love to see!!

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