Thursday, April 25, 2013

8 months old

nash you are 8 months old!
you are at such a fun stage and anyone that is around you just can't get enough.  you are a little heart stealer.  the amount of sounds and noises that you make increases daily and often includes using your hands in some sort of an expressive way.  we always laugh at it because it looks like you are giving a speech but the only one who gets it is you. :)  your absolute favorite word is mama.  even though you say it a couple of hundred times a day it still makes my heart jump each and every time.

you finally got a tooth!  the day after you turned 8 months is when that little thing snuck out.  the next one is soon to follow.  it quite possibly already could have popped out but you are not a fan of me prying your mouth open for a look.

  i quit my job to only start a new one - being with you everyday!  i think we are both in  a little piece of heaven.    i can't wait for the spring and summer with you.  swimming, walks, bike rides, playing in the grass,  you are so fun to be with.

you are a fast mover,
 a loud yeller,
 have the biggest grin,
addicted to climbing the stairs (still),
 changing constantly,
have the sweetest laugh,
a professional in your walker,
 and a finicky sleeper.  

i love you nash!
your mama

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