Friday, April 19, 2013

nash picture a day & instafriday

happy friday!  hope everyone had a great week.  here is a peek at ours.
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last friday we went on a date.  yea for some adult only time!  we need to totally do this more and i plan on it...maybe!  robert and i both tend to lean towards always bringing nash along.  that's how we like it! :)  it is weird to not have a baby at your side when a baby is at your side 99% of the time.  we went and walked around one of my favorite malls and then went to dinner at  log haven.  yum.  steak and lobster, a few beverages, and my love.  it was quite and nice.  log haven is a cabin up a canyon across the way from a waterfall.   so pretty and the food was excellent.  if you are in the area you should check it out if you are looking for a nice dinner spot.   
i am a sucker for in and out.  the drive through took 15 minutes but if you would have seen the line you would have been impressed by that time as well.   
day 236: there are some days i want to remember exactly what nash looked like on that specific day.  this was one of those days.
day 237:  watching my uncle ethan play outside.
day 238:  i think we are going to boycott real toys forever.  give this boy a box, a spoon, and some paper. 
day 239: yes son. yes it is.
day 240: meet my new best friend. toilet paper.
day 241: everything is out of arms, legs, and crawling reach
day 242:  playing in his room
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