Friday, February 22, 2013

nash picture a day

i have officially made it half way with my "nash picture a day" project.
that is an accomplishment for me!
it has been fun to look back through the pictures already.
it will be so special for him to have these as he gets older.
and good for this nostalgic mother too.  :)
i want to remember these days forever.
it is amazing how one picture of a particular day brings the memories of that day back.
day 180: happy happy boy | day 181: we had to move this little boy's crib down today | day 182: smitten | day 183: my two boys day 184: sweet dreams baby boy. you are 6 months old today. it's been the best 6 months ever. | day 185: midafternoon cuddles.  nothing more important | day 186: walker time

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  1. What a little honey! Love the colors, too!

  2. You have quite the cutie on your hands!

  3. So precious! Time flies, doesn't it? Visiting from Life Rearranged.