Thursday, February 21, 2013

our time in south carolina

nash and i headed to south carolina to visit with my parents.
and also to see my grandfather one last time.
he had terminal cancer and didn't have much longer.
cancer sucks.

the time there was slow, sweet, and special.
we just savored all the family time and soaked in all the love we could get and give.

my grandpa died 3 days after we left.
i do not believe our timing could have been more perfect.
so thankful for this time with him.
i wrote a post already on my grandpa.  if you missed it you can read it below.

my parents have some land and have goats, chickens, and peacocks.
also a pretty pond in there backyard with a swimming pool.
i know nash is going to LOVE this place in a few years.
i can't wait to see him so excited to go visit his grandpa and grandma gigi.

living so far from people you love is hard.
this has been my circumstance for most of my life so i have been
 some what forced to grow accustomed to it.
it still isn't easy.
i am so thankful for cell phones, texting, and facetime.

we enjoyed great food while we were there.
i got to put all my favorite requests in.  spoiled.
the weather was so warm.  a nice break from the cold air in utah.
i loved that my parents got to see nash at this age.
he is only this small for such a short time.

we already can't wait to go back.


  1. I am so happy you made it home to see your grandfather.And I know your parents will treasure every moments spent with Nash!

  2. Fun! Where in SC do they live? Next time maybe we can meet up! You're little guy is so precious!

    1. hey shay! the live in lancaster which is just about an hour south of charlotte! close to you?? that would be fun! thank you!!

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