Friday, February 15, 2013

instafriday & nash pic a day

enjoy our pictures from this week!

my first car. 68 mustang. lots and lots of fun memories in this thing | i love it when the mountains are pink | this is what our valentine evening looked like.  an adult beverage - cards -  and a swiping baby hand

day 173: uncle jeremy and nash finally meeting | day 174: nash's day consisted of gpa & gma - golf cart rides - goats - chickens - peacocks - oh and of course drinking lots of milk and taking naps. it was a fun filled day | day 175: my little bean | day 176: nash and grandpa | day 177: nash is so blessed with overflowing amounts of love & golf cart rides.  sheesh this kid is too much | day 178: tub playtime | day 179: my two favorite valentines & my mini valentine

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  1. That is one lucky loved little bug ... thoroughly enjoyed those pictures. They made my heart melt!

  2. Love the mountain photo...and of course, that cutie pie baby! Love it!

  3. Oooooh that baby is too cute for words!! And I'm loving that first pic of your Mustang! Very vintage! Stopping by from H54F! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! =)

    1. thank you! it was def a fun car to drive! hope you had a great one as well!!

  4. adorable baby!! Stopping by from Life Rearranged! =)