Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 months old

oh nash.  the time goes too fast.  
i know i say this every month.  i can't help it.
he is 6 months in just a few days but here are his
 5 month pictures and what he has been up to in his 5th month.

your personality keeps growing and cracking us up.
daily you get better and better with getting around on your own.
you started this month with getting up on your hands and knees and also your hands and feet.
you were a PRO at going in circles and moving backwards for most of the month.
you are definitely a mover!
about two weeks ago you started to actually move  forward.
i say that means you are an official crawler...although it is more of an army crawl slash inch worm.
at the beginning you would just move forward to
 get a toy that you wanted that was a few feet away.
but now you will make your way over to me if i am on the other side of the room.

you can sit on your own.
i stay close by still as you like to tip back from time to time.
you can move from sitting to crawling
and a few days ago you mastered crawling to sitting.
it seriously seems like you are doing something new every other day now.

we had to lower your crib because you are reaching up on the rails and starting to pull up.
you love to roll over every time i change you.
  basically you and sitting still don't ever go in the same sentence.
you are a terrible sleeper.

you do this fake cough thing that is hilarious.
you have done it for a few months now but you seem to do it more now.
you have the best cheese cheese cheese smile!
you grab for anything and everything around you.
you have a personal favorite - PAPER.
just today i was letting you play with a little tag
 - looked away for a few seconds - came back to see that you were in fact eating it.
shhhhh... don't tell dad.
i had to fish 2 of the pieces out of your mouth.  :)
your preference to your mom seems to keep growing and you are getting more vocal about that.
i won't complain.   i like you too.

we can't imagine our lives without you.
feel free to slow down this growing so fast business.
however fun every new stage has been you will always be my baby.

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  1. it goes so quickly!! glad you're soaking up every minute!!

  2. oh. my. goodness. HE IS PRECIOUS. I have a 6 (almost 7!) month old, so I feel like I could have written this post. Our babies seem VERY similar! Especially the fake cough thing! ;)

    Stopping in from YOLO Mondays & the GFC Collective!

  3. Ohhh your baby is sooo adorable!!! I agree-time flies, I'm 29 weeks pregnant not and goes so fast

  4. Aww how cute. Following you, hope you follow me back.

    Toni xx

  5. Love the photos, what a sweet smile he has. Love you baby Nash.

    Aunt Janie