Tuesday, September 23, 2014

nash, you are two.

nash you turned 2 just over a month ago and i took these photos of you just a few months before your birthday.  capturing you in each stage is something i have loved to do.  you are full of life and always have a smile on your face.  
you have some what of a capturing personality.  people seem to be drawn towards you and the way you carry yourself. 
some of your favorite things are trucks, cars, airplanes, basically anything that involves transportation.  you love to go outside and you are drawn to dirt immediately.  it has some sort of a magnetic pull towards you.  we seriously can be on acres of grass and you will find the one small pile of dirt in 2.5 seconds.  it makes us all laugh.  you are addicted to the movie "how to train your dragon".  you prefer for us to always play with you but you will also play by yourself well.  you love to take baths.  you love to wrestle with dad and tickle your mom.  you know most of your family's names and love to go visit them.  you love our dog, sully, and always make sure she is close behind.  you recently have learned to jump.  we take you everywhere with us and you do awesome with each new adventure we take you on.  we want you to experience life and learn at every opportunity.  you speak well for your age and we always know what you want because of this.  you love soccer and going to real salt lake games.  you can drop kick a soccer ball.  some of your favorite and most frequent words are uh oh, mommy, daddy, outside, watch a show, pizza, sully, bye bye, love you, play cars, all done, hold me, read a book, and no!    
we love you nash.

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