Friday, September 13, 2013

San Antonio

since the last day of summer is quickly approaching i thought it was due time to show a bit of our fun summer travels.  about time i know!  traveling is one of the best things in my opinion.  so when the opportunity comes i jump on it.  
this summer we made our way to texas and after that nash and i traveled to missouri to see some of my closest friends.  so here is the first post to one of our first stops, san antonio.
we got to visit the alamo and walk along the famous riverwalk.  i lived in texas for a number of years but never actually made my way to san antonio.
we sipped cold drinks along the riverwalk and basically sweat it all out 5 seconds later.  it was hot and sticky.  i think my younger brothers were wishing they were anywhere but there because it was just that hot.  but we forced them to have fun. :) 
it was hot y'all.  and i can say y'all since this post is discussing our time in texas.  
here are some photos that captured our day.

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