Friday, September 6, 2013

12 month well baby check

19 pounds 4 ounces (7th percentile)
31 inches (80th percentile)

tall and skinny.
  nash, don't get used to that tall stature.  i'm sure it won't last long.
the skinny part on the other hand i'm sure will be sticking around for the long haul.
i have a feeling you are going to be the little "runt" in all of your classes just like your mom and dad were.
but that's ok with me.  itsy bitsy teeny weeny small children are the cutest in my opinion.

the doctor's visit was somewhat of a circus.
you were pushing the stool around, swinging the blinds around, and continued to try and open the cabinet and release all of it's contents over and over and over and over.
  i kept going over and closing it and attempting to get your mind onto something new.  not working.
finally the doctor said, "nah just let him get in there - we can clean it up at the end."
you then proceeded to take every single thing out of that cabinet.
pee cups included.
i'm sure she regretted that decision.

next up was checking those ears of yours.  the ears that are prone to ear infections every other month.
everyone cross there fingers and toes for me that we don't have to get tubes put in.
although i don't think any amount of finger crossing will work.
i have a feeling we won't be able to escape the inevitable.
boo for crappy genes in the ear category.  you can blame that on me son.

you screamed and screamed while we were checking your ears due to some annoying wax that was in the way.
  you looked like a little hyena trying to escape my arms when i was holding you tight to me.
and two adults trying to communicate over a screaming baby is always a hilarious site.
your dad would have done a much better job at this.

next up a toe prick and 4 shots.

by the end we were a hot mess, you and me.
but you are healthy.  and that is a good thing.

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  1. awwww shots are the worst for baby and mama!! he is a cutie! I found your button on another blog and came to say hi! // newest follower here ;)