Sunday, August 18, 2013

tomorrow you are ONE!!

tomorrow by baby turns one.
a few things i always want to remember...
you are the most social baby.  you interact with everyone and everyone loves you.
you make the best "ooooooooo's" and "wow's"
you are a fast learner and if there is an obstacle you just crawl right over it.
you have stolen me and your dad's heart and i am sure that will continue for years to come.
you are a skinny little thing.  i never want to forget just how small you are.
you are the cutest little walker.  most of the times you have your hands up and you are chatting all at the same time.
the past few months when someone new comes and chats with you you like to pretend that you are shy.
you lean your head in to me and i am your comfort.  feel free to do that as long as you want.

you have been one of the best little things to ever happen to us!
since you were a day old we couldn't imagine a day without you.
thank you for rocking our world in the very best of ways.

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  1. what a sweet buddy!!! I love skinny babies... :) Roly chubby ones are cute too but Mine are skronny little dudes too. ;) Happy Birthday little guy.