Friday, August 23, 2013

tibble fork canyon - love where you live

last night we spent our evening up tibble fork canyon.  we had our family photos taken.
afterwards i just had to walk around and soak it in.
i live here.
this is my backyard.  i am constantly telling myself i need to soak it in more.
soon after i moved to the area i was constantly noticing the mountains in all of there glory.
when you walk out of the grocery store here you are smacked in the face with they beauty of the mountains.
  after living here you can easily come out of the store and drive around and not notice what circles you.
i want to constantly be in awe of the beauty that this life has to offer.  thankful for what god has provided for all of us.
i really don't think scenery like this can ever get old.  god is seriously an artist.  and we are so lucky that we get to live with such sights surrounding us.
when you're up in the mountains the air is so pure and clean.
you think about the breaths that you are actually breathing in.
you are easily grateful for what you have.  something about being up here is just good for the soul.

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