Monday, July 15, 2013


our family went camping over the 4th.  it was our first time camping with nash.  i figured he would do well because he is a great baby but you never know.  camping and a baby don't really seem to fit well together in a sentence!  but alas, it went smooth.  smooth as peanut butter. 
we swam, and played, cooked, and ate, chatted, and enjoyed each other.
we even took nash with us when we road the 4wheelers.  he loved it.
although, we did get caught in a crazy rain storm!  i saw a storm off in the distance and secretly i wished we would get rained on.  ha.  well i might have second guessed that decision when the rain drops were pelting us like rocks.  it was still fun and thankfully i had a light blanket packed with us so i could cover nash up.  he thoroughly enjoyed the rain storm and was laughing under the blanket as we were racing back to the campsite as fast as possible.  lucky baby had cover from the crazy storm!
we came back to our campsite to find our tent not in the spot it was when we left.  yes.  true.
we both had a small freak out inside.
our camping neighbors quickly came over and said they had wrangled our tent but it was completely upside down with our stuff everywhere inside of it.  pack n play, bags, clothes, air mattress, bedding.
all i could do was laugh.
robert got everything fixed and put back together.  he is a gem.
i love camping.  it takes you outside for days on end.  it brings you together with family.
  you get to enjoy each other and the outdoors.
what could be better?


  1. Ashley your baby boy is soooo cute!!! What a fun summer memory!!

  2. of course Nash WOULD love the storm! the apple didn't fall far from the tree! :D

  3. It looks like y'all had a ton of fun!