Tuesday, June 11, 2013

catch up

yes i MUCH needed catch up post!
somehow taking a few days not blogging turned into a few weeks.
i've missed it and i am back.  hopefully!

it really feels summery now.  sunny and hot! yard work. gardening. camping. walks. bike rides.
i am loving it.
we have been spending time outside for all of these reasons! 
nash can ride in shopping carts now and he is so cute to me in them.
he always fusses about me putting him in there at first but once we get moving he usually loves it.
he looks so little when he is riding in the cart.  i like that!
my parents went camping a few weekends ago.  we really didn't camp but we went and invaded their campsite for an evening and enjoyed dinner cooked over the fire.  we do have plans to go camping over the 4th of july!  we are looking forward to that.
of course we have been to  a ton of real salt lake games!  they have  had so many home games lately.  nash is a pro at sporting these sunglasses.  it cracks us up and everyone that sees him.  usually people are constantly pointing and making comments about him because it is the funniest thing.  
we got nash a bike seat for my bike and have enjoyed our first few rides together!  it is nice to have the seat in front of me so i can easily talk to him.  i have such fond memories of when i was a kid riding on my dad's bike.  i wanted to be sure to give nash those same sweet memories that i have. 
lots of time outside on the weekends.  
we have been spending a day or two a week at my mom's house.  we so love having family close.   we recently had our first pasta night and i think it will be a bi-weekly thing!    i think it is such a good thing to establish family traditions and i think this one might be a good one!

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