Friday, April 12, 2013

nash picture a day

this week seemed to be a whirlwind of events.
and i seem to still be slacking at taking any other pictures besides nash on instagram.
nash overload.
which is always ok with me!
today is busy!  so i am going to just leave you with the photos.
happy friday!

day 229: an empty workout room is a world of fun for nash
day 230: playing in the handball court.  quite possible the largest baby playpen ever.
day 231: he's having a hard time waiting until he can wrestle with his son. 
patience robert patience.
day 232: nothing is safe. watch out.
the little toilet is our water bowl for our dog and cat. :)
day 233: foxy bum
day 234: little boy. big treasure.
day 235: nash saw a plastic cup under the chair and he decided he was going to get it.
and he did just that with a few tears along the way.
can a 7 month old really be this determined?!?
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  1. He is seriously WAY too stinkin cute!!

    Happy friday!

  2. You have a very cute and very busy little boy! :) I love your pictures! Stopping over from "The Collective" looking forward to being a follower!