Wednesday, March 13, 2013


the past three weekends have been so busy.  filled with fun but no time at home.
it has caught up with me as my house is a disaster and my to do list is a mile long.
and this little blog has seen a few less posts the past few weeks.
sometimes that overwhelms me and other times i just go with the flow and it doesn't bother me.
this time i am a bit overwhelmed but it will all get done.
you should see my laundry pile that i am tackling today.

nash is climbing up stairs now.
and pulling up on everything he can.
he is so proud of himself.

i saw the first hint of spring yesterday with warmer temps.
i noticed we have tulips blooming in our front yard!
nash and i decided to celebrate with a long walk in a new stroller.
it felt glorious.
i am looking forward to all of the time outside that is in our near future.

this weekend we have nash's 6 month pictures.
and our first real salt lake game (the local major league soccer team)
we have season tickets so we will be attending a lot of these games this spring and summer.
we got all of our tickets for the games in the mail yesterday
 and robert came in the house and exclaimed
 "they're here!!"
 like a kid on christmas morning.

i have tackled the homemade baby food thing.
i went back and forth on if i was going to do it.
with a full time job and a home to take care of
 i didn't know if i really needed one more thing to add to the list.
but i am glad i did.
it really is pretty easy and it makes me feel good that nash is eating the good stuff.
i'll do a post on it soon!

how has your week been??

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  1. We do homemade baby food, as well. Avocado straight from the rind has been glorious! No prep and no clean up- right up my ally :)Good luck!!