Wednesday, March 20, 2013

it's here!

it is finally here!
don't get me wrong we have enjoyed this winter with the piles and piles of snow.
but i am ready for warm air.
long walks with my family.
long days.
bike rides.
ahhhh i could go on and on.
it is currently raining and gloomy here.  typical. :)
 i think last year it snowed on the first day of spring.
so we are a step better than last year!
  but i know all of the spring air is right around the corner and i can hardly wait!
are you ready for spring?

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  1. I am SO ready. We just got another 12 inches of snow yesterday, and to say I'm losing my sense of humor with winter is an understatement! I'm ready for open windows and lilac-scented breezes.

  2. It sure doesn't feel like it! It's cold here in NC! That silly little groundhog was so wrong!

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  3. Guess who has a winter storm heading her way?

    Totally over winter.

  4. It's so cold her in my area. I wish Spring weather would come soon! I am now heading out to run...hope I don't freeze!