Friday, March 22, 2013

Instafriday & Nash picture a day!

here  are some of our pictures from this week.
it was a good one!

nash is always crawling around.  he loves loves to be held still.
but this is my view a lot of the time.
cute little bum.
last friday i started feeling terrible.
decided i should go to the doctor sooner rather than later so i could get on some meds if needed.
and yep they were needed.  strep.
i hate strep throat.
i used to get it a lot when i was younger.
let's hope that was my one time to get it for the next five years.
strep throat, i have paid my dues.  thank you very much!
anyone else love these as much as i do? 
i'd have to say this is the second best thing about easter.
#1 = Jesus and #2  = cadbury mini eggs
i love a baby in cuddly pj's.  being silly for the camera.
poor kid always has the camera in his face.
the Real Salt Lake season officially started.
we always have a good time at the games. 
this is one of MANY games this year.
baby sunglasses oh how i love you.
nash you are looking pretty swag.
this was on st. patty's day.
nash decided he just might like food after all and maybe
  just maybe he might have two little teeth soon.
big stuff going on around here!
nash's babysitter put him in her little girls coat because they had to run outside.
i couldn't resist!
he would make a sweet little girl.  although i am partial to his little boyness now.
we finally caved and got gates. 
they were overdue.
now i can sit down for a minute and a half rather than a minute
 before i have to get up and keep nash out of trouble. :)
did i mention he is busy??
i like him.
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  1. Umm...those are my fave Easter candies too! And I can't get enough of a baby in footie pj's!

    Your Nash sounds like my Brody...always on the move! So stinkin' cute!