Friday, January 18, 2013

InstaFriday & Nash picture a day!!

this week was good.  it felt slow but actually now that we are at friday i think it flew by. 
i love the weekends.  don't you?!?
nothing better than a few days of home, spending time with your favorites,
and the ability to do anything you want with your day! 
i'll take it!

here is the progress on the blanket i am making for nash. 
total first timer here. 
i think it is turning out really good and i am pretty excited about it!
something about time in the car gets me.  i like driving and the time it takes to get places. 
it is relaxing to me. 
my weakness for green beans.  i have them and only them for dinner quite often. 
there is a spice called salad seasoning and i put it on top of them. 
i prefer to never eat green beans at home unless they are topped with this! 
you should try it.
time at the salon.  i always look forward to it.  i always leave feeling so great. 
too bad we don't have to get our hair cut every two weeks! 
although my wallet wouldn't like that.
making my morning commute to drop nash off and head to work.
the sun was peaking over the clouds.
crocheting a blanket for nash | foggy drive home | dinner of champions |
hair day.  i love hair days | morning drive

isn't he too young for this? 
he rolled over -- few days later figured out how to get up on his hands and
knees at separate times then a few days later could do them both at the
same time and a few days later can scoot in circles and backwards. 
no sir... i do not think that is ok!
something about this light up ball mesmerized him. 
he did not want to put it down. 
 and of course it went straight to the mouth.
grandpa's are sweet. 
some quality time happening here.
on our way to church. 
he looks like a little man when he is in a sweater and jeans.
standing tall and loving it.  he is still so small (which i am savoring). 
and that smile gets me every time.
"mom has a thing for hats... so i am wearing them often!"
sleeping babies are the sweetest. 
i have such a hard time not wanting to hold him every second he is sleeping. 
i have to practice self control and set him down. 
nash LOVES sully. 
he looks for her all the time and if he is upset and we call sully over
he will instantly stop crying. 
i can only imagine what it is going to be like once he starts to crawl. 
day 145: if i could only figure out how to move! & "i've got to get one of these things!" | day 146:  bumpa rocking me to sleep | day 147: a sweater for sunday | day 148: a whole 2 feet and 2 inches tall and a silly grin | day 149: beanie baby | day 150: sweet dreams | day 151: reaching for sully.  i have a feeling they are going to  be best friends. 

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  1. What a cutie! I love sleepy pictures. I think I have more pics of my kids sleeping than doing anything else. Like the haircut pic too. Hopping over from InstaFriday.

  2. The green beans crack me up. Reminds me of college. Did you follow it up with kettle corn and m&ms? Wish we all lived on the same street like we always wanted :) we could replace our Oprah nap time with Ellen. It would be delightful.

    1. i dont think you would be surprised to know that i still eat kettle corn and m&m's. it is the best. and we so NEED to commit to all living on the same street. such wishful thinking.

  3. Cute smiles and fuzzy head! I used to have a couple of baby boys like that, but now they are 16 and 20. And I love the blanket you are making! Stopping in from Life Rearranged.

  4. Super cute little guy! Love the smile too. Dropped by from Life rearranged.

  5. that is one cute little man you have there! i love green beans too, especially fresh ones in the summer. yum!!

    1. thanks! sadly I'm partial to the one's in the can! I have no clue why though! the fresh one's look 100 times better!