Sunday, December 9, 2012

three months.

So I am a little behind on this blogging business.  But I am recording memories here so getting it done is the important part! 
And each time you see a monthly post for Nash - you can assume if it's his 3 month post he is 3 and a half months!  Ha.  I am a born procrastinator   I have come to simply accept it.  

Nash is three months!  Sheesh time flies.  So cliche to say that but when you have kids you can't help but think that. 

Nash is still breaking hearts and smiling all.the.time!  He has officially started to laugh as of a few weeks ago.  It is too much too handle.  I have to get it recorded and on video.  He started to play with his little wooden toy on his bouncer seat - also the cutest thing ever. 

We love him to pieces and pieces and pieces. 

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