Friday, July 20, 2012


This week has been full of work but has gone by super fast.  
I am thankful for fast weeks at times.  
As you have all seen we like the new blog design around here.  
A few storms have rolled in which I am always a huge fan of.  I def missed my calling of a storm chaser....maybe I can take that up a little later in life.  
I find myself drawn to food these days and literally chug a glass of milk every.single.morning.  
House projects are still happening a ton.  
We hung wallpaper this week!  I have been obsessed with this wallpaper for over a year and I finally got it hung!!  With the help of my mom!  She is the best.  Can't wait to show you guys! 
Also picked up some fabric to make a mobile for the little guy's room.  
Started working on that and can't wait to see the end product.

whew.  that was our week in a nutshell.