Friday, February 24, 2012

another year on the books.

My sweet had a birthday.
And he got home just in time!  I was so happy it almost felt like my birthday.
He has pretty much been out of the state on business for the last month and a half.  That is a long time.
Thankful to have him home.
His one request for his birthday was to stay home, relax, and order pizza.  Easy enough!
So we did exactly that.  Stayed home.  Opened a few gifts.  Relaxed and ordered pizza.  I got a dessert pizza and we were so stuffed we couldn’t even eat that.  Mmmmm have you ever had the cinnamon pizza from Papa Murphy’s?  If you haven’t you have to try it. 
$4 and heaven in your mouth. 
Some things about Robert some people may not know…

      -- He is the closest thing to a real life cowboy I have ever known.  Crazy right?  When you first meet him you would never know.  Sit down with him for a few hours and you can’t help but notice.
-- He is sickly smart.  Like disgusting smart.  I think it’s cute.
-- Family means the world to him and he would do absolutely anything for anyone in his family.
       -- He has a bit of road rage.  If you are not making the smartest decision on the road watch out. 
       -- Soccer is his second love… of course after me. :)  Indoor/Outdoor doesn’t matter.  I think he was playing on 5 different teams when we first met.  Talk about excessive! 
-- His second love may actually be tied with Snowboarding. He is a sucker for the mountain and he will take all the powder he can get.  You will often find him doing the “snow dance” in the fall trying to bribe the snow to come early.  I immediately jump on him and try to make him stop.  That snow dance has been known to work in the past. 
       -- He has an arm full of tattoos.  Each with a special meaning.
       -- He is a great teacher.  If you want to learn something he is the most patient and loving person. 
       -- He is a perfectionist in a number of ways.
   -- He loves being an uncle (11 nieces and nephews!).  I don’t think I have ever met anyone that loved being an uncle more. 
 -- Oh and if you take him to a mexican restaurant and tell them it's his birthday to embarass him.  He will not be embarrased.  The waitress was shocked that he was excited.  Large sombrero and all.  Here is proof. 
 Oh and I decided to get a little domesticated for his birthday and made these.  They were good I heard.  I have always been sensitive to smell and I guess the lemon raspberry stench was a little too strong for me.

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