Friday, November 22, 2013

15 months


here you are fresh up from a nap.
you are 15 months and it has been too long since we have had a little update on you and your busy self.
here are a few things i want to remember about you right now.
you have quite the little personality these days alongside quite an opinion. 
it's fun to see you express yourself in new ways and discover new things that you can do.
you have tackled the task of going down the stairs now.  you do this whole slide on your belly as fast as you can and usually you turn onto your belly far before you need to so you typically crawl backwards for awhile before you even hit the stairs.
we committed to taking the gates down and could have a month before we did.  i was a little unsure of how it would be to not keep you contained to one floor at a time.
your favorite toys are spatulas, cars, lego blocks, and anything from the kitchen. 
you LOVE to help cook.
we cannot cook unless you are in our arms.  which proves to be quite the task.
when you want a drink you say.... "kneeeeeeeeeeeee"
you love to hit us and the dog with the spatula and then you are really upset when we take your spatula away.
you are a pro at using a fork.  not so great with a spoon.
your favorite work is "TRATOR!" (tractor)
you can climb everywhere.
  couches, chairs, the dining room table, coffee tables, onto the toilet and then onto the bathroom counter.
when we are at the store you find people across the room and get there attention by just looking at them.
you love to be held.
you LOVE books.  i think you could be ok if we read to you all day everyday.
we love you nash!

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  1. he sound adorable! what a fun stage you are in!

    p.s. my youngest is a climbing...she climbs on everything.i mean everything.