Monday, June 17, 2013

9 months old

oh nash.
you are just too much fun.
you are a little ball of energy and literally the happiest baby on the block.
i have never met a happier baby and we constantly are getting comments
 about how you are the happiest baby they have ever met.
  that is how happy you are and with no exaggeration.
and let me tell you there is nothing NOT to love about a happy baby.
you are a big huge bundle of joy for us.
we are always in awe of you and could just sit around watching you do the smallest things.
it's like we can see that smart little brain of yours working.
you have two little teeth that peak through in your sweet smile.
you are speed crawling and constantly crawling on your hands and feet any time we have you in shorts or it is too rough on your knees.  we call it your stink bug crawl.
you love to go outside and to explore new places.
you can be noisy and we get noisy right along with you.
i think you can say "ball" and "whoa". 
you have attempted to crawl up the couch and a few other things lately.
we got you a little car/walker that you can push around.
you started walking and pushing it right when we gave it to you.
you have started to eat more solid foods this month and you love that!
something about the food mom and dad eats makes you so excited that you can eat it too.
it's cute.
in fact everything about you is cute, who am i kidding.
we recently were at the park swinging you and a stranger next to us asked if you were our first.
we said yes and he then told us we should keep having kids because you were the cutest baby ever.
this came from a big tall burly guy with a beard.
you see nash, you even make the strong big guys drop to there knees with your cuteness.
i am ok with that.
in fact i have a hard time handling your cuteness.
our life before you was awesome but you have brought such a light to our life.
we can't imagine living here on this earth without you.
you are such a gift.  and we are so thankful.

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