Wednesday, May 22, 2013

making baby food & my favorite products

favorite items to make baby food

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it seems like a lot of mom's these days are making their own baby food.  i contemplated it for awhile and didn't really think i was going to considering i had a full time job at the time and it was just one more thing that would be on my plate.  never mind that i really don't enjoy cooking in the first place. :)  but when the time came to start feeding nash i decided to give it a go.  i am glad i did.  although it is a bit time consuming i think it is worth it.  i like the feeling of knowing exactly what is going in nash's mouth.    

as you can see these are my favorite go to items to make his food.  when i make the baby food i try to make a large amount each time so i don't have to make it as often.  it can be annoying (at least to me).  some of the fruits you just peel, cut, and puree but a lot of the stuff you have to steam or bake first.  i love my pot by crate and barrel but you can find one like this a number of different places.  and of course any blender will work but you might have to replace the blade if you get a lower end blender.  i won't be surprised if i have to do the same in the future.  also the tovolo ice cube trays are a MUST in my opinion.  each cube is a perfect 1 ounce portion so you know exactly how much your baby is eating AND they are flexible and you can pop the food out much easier.  the gloves i listed are a little secret tool i use because it hurts my fingers popping those little cubes out.  a combination of frozen/burning fingers are no fun.  put the gloves on and that eliminates that problem!  if you are tougher than me feel free to eliminate the gloves.

before i started i searched the internet and searched some more.
here a few of my favorite sources.
this is the website i referred to the most for the products and methods i used -   styleberry blog
also here are some other good websites for recipes etc...
wholesome baby food
nurture baby
baby food recipes

i like to buy all organic fruits and veggies when possible.  sometimes they can be tricky to find.  here are some of the foods i started nash on - avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, mango's, peas, green beans, and bananas.  another reason to make baby food is that they get used to all the different textures of food.  nash doesn't like some of the food to start with and usually if that is the case i mix it in gradually with something he does like.  i continue to do this more and more until he can eat that item by itself.  

so if you are contemplating making your own versus store bought you should definitely give it a go! 

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