Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ashly's favorites - household items

Favorite Household Items
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- so i am a huge fan of seeing what people use and love in every aspect.  household supplies, clothing brands, food, baby stuff, etc, etc, etc.
- so i am going to start a "ashly's favorites" post on a more regular basis
- plus if i love it i want to share it!

so here are some of my "current" favorite household items

1. this step stool folds flat and is so easy to store.  i love having it on hand when i need a little boost.

2.  you guys, this is the BEST bottle opener.  we are frequently using bottle openers in this household.  you just pop this on a bottle and push down and the bottle top comes off easily.  we love it around here.

3.  clorox wipes are a must for us.  it is so nice to not have to get out the actual "spray cleaner" if you just need to wipe something up quickly and want to disinfect at the same time.

4.  i know this trash can is more on the hefty price list.  we don't have this exact one but we have this brand and i have to say it is worth the investment.  it's hard to swallow putting that kind of cash down for a trash can but once you do it you will be glad you did especially if your trash is out and not under the sink or in a pantry.  i wanted one for awhile so i was constantly looking at them.  i randomly came across ours at ross!  it was half the price and was worth the wait.  so if you don't want to fork over that kind of money keep your eye out at tj maxx or ross.

5. boys smell.  this helps.

6. i get frustrated if my clean dishes come out of the dishwasher with spots and looking not 100% clean.  have that problem??  get this stuff.

7.  what's not to love about a dyson vacum?  we LOVE ours.

8.  who in the world wants one of those nasty toilet brushes that you keep next to your toilet at all times.  gross and talk about a germ collector.  this solves the problem. 

what are some of your household favorites?

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