Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day!!

mom, when i think of you, the words that come to me first are - 
selfless, giving, compassionate, kind, fun, independent, and beautiful
  watching you as a child, teenager, young woman, and now a mom myself you have truly shaped a large part of who i am today and the mom i am and will be.  when i was growing up, and you were out for the evening or out of town for a few days i always remember the sad feeling i had in my heart.  you made our home "home" and without you it just didn't feel like home. i absolutely love that about you.  when something needs to be done you jump right in and do it without hesitation and without fear.  as i have grown up and into an adult myself i have witnessed our relationship change shapes.  our friendship has grown deeper roots and i like how we can encourage and lean on each other when needed.  thank you for always giving and always loving.  i love you mom!!

 ginger, you have been in my life for as long as i can remember and always treated me as your own.  thank you for that.  i look up to you in so many ways.  you are tenacious and a go getter.  you own who you are and what you do.  you live life to the fullest and enjoy it so much.  you are one of the most giving people i know.  i have such sweet memories of growing up with you.  you were always willing to do my hair any way i asked, you always treated my friends with so much love that they often felt part of our family when they were with us, prom dress shopping, skiing trips together, endless hours playing games in our moterhome, this list could go on and on.  you are always there for me no matter what and knowing that i have you to call at any point is such a blessing.  thank you for being such a great mom to me.  you have had an overflowing cup of love for me since i was 3.  i pray that i can love nash as well as you have loved me.    

 rosie, although you have been in my life just a few years you have left a large impression on me.  you have raised six kids and a few handful of grandchildren and there is something to be said about that!  simply living life with robert, it has shown me the kind of mother you are.  the way he treats me and nash is a testament to how he was raised, and you have helped shape him into the man he is today.  you have welcomed me into your family and i look forward to all of the memories we get to make together in the future. 

happy mother's day!!!

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  1. I love you Ash! I have loved watching you grow into the beautiful woman and now Mom you are. Being your mom has been the easiest and most rewarding thing in my life. Thank you for the kind words. You have always made me feel so loved!