Wednesday, February 13, 2013

month 1 & 2 favorites

so here are some of my favorites from nash's first few months of life. 
1 . rock n play -- i love this because of how portable it is.   
we used this a lot and actually still use it.
it is extremely convenient and i would def buy it again.
  great for sleeping or a  nice spot to put them when you are getting a few things done.
2. lifefactory bottles -- in my opinion these are the best bottles.
they are bpa, phthalate, and pvc free.  
i actually love all of the lifefactory products.
plus major bonus points is how cute they are.
3.  boppy -- this is no surprise that it made the list.
most everyone knows this is a go to product when you are having a baby.
nice to have when you are struggling with breast feeding the first few weeks.
i don't use mine much anymore for feeding but we do use it for laying nash on to prop him up
and also to support him while he is learning how to sit.
4.  boon grass drying rack --  great for drying bottles and everything else
we use this all the time.
5.  aden + anais swaddling blankets -- these are my favorite blankets for swaddling .
also my favorite if you are looking  for a light blanket. 
we use them all the time.  they wash great and look great.  super comfortable.
i wish i could find sheets in this material.
you can find these blankets a number of places.  
i bought a pack of them from target and also amazon.
the target ones are smaller then the ones you order from amazon.  just fyi.
6. little giraffe blanket -- i actually got this for a gift from one of my closest friends.
it is the softest sweetest blanket.
we have just the little cuddle size but is great in any size.
7.  nuk pacifier -- in my opinion these are the best.
i thought these would be the ones we would use but we did
 buy and try a number of different kinds.
these won in the end.
best shape and they stay in far better then all others that we tried.
8. beco gemini baby carrier - the one pictured is a baby ergo.  (also heard great reviews on it)
but we use the beco gemini.  i love it.
we travel with it. go to the store with it. use it around the house when needed.
nothing but great things to say about this baby carrier.
9. trumpette socks -- these socks stay on! lots of different choices and patterns
i also always look at tj maxx or ross for them when i am there.

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