Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts on Motherhood - 4 Months In

                                                                                       I have wanted to be a mom my whole life. 
When I was little I loved babies.  Real babies.  Fake babies.
I started babysitting as soon as possible.  You get the idea I am sure. :) 

4 months into motherhood and its all i thought it would be and more.
I am surprised on how much my love continues to grow for Nash everyday.
I thought that my love towards Nash would be instant and constistently
the same the first time I laid eyes on him.
Of course my love towards him was instant.
But it is surprising to me how much I love him more and more each and everyday when I don't feel like it is humanly possible to love him any more than I already do.
It is the best feeling.
I am addicted.
It has opened my eyes on how God loves each and everyone of us as His children.
That is a lot of love.

Seeing your baby smile for the first time melts you.
Hearing your baby laugh is enough to throw you over the edge. 
Literally the sweetest sound I have ever heard.
Watching him interact with me and everyone else is simply awesome.

Seeing Robert become a dad is the sweetest thing.
I am priveledged to have a front seat to it.
He is the cutest with him and I so look forward to watching them do things together as Nash gets older.

Life with a child is so much sweeter than life before.
Of course you don't know what you are missing out on until you have children of your own.
But I wouldn't go back. And if I would have known what this feeling felt like I might have started adopting babies when I was 18.
Good think I didn't know the feeling.

Life is good.  Life is sweet.

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  1. I know what you mean Ash. It will continue to grow, and change, until you think your heart will burst. I remember having all those discoveries when you were born. Motherhood is the best! I love you sweet daughter!

  2. Lovely blog, Ashley. I can wait to read all your lovely post about motherhood.
    Im your newest follower via YOLO!


    1. Thx Vickie! and thanks for following!