Friday, January 25, 2013

InstaFriday & Nash pic a day!

yeah for Friday!
here is our week in pictures!
i actually love these posts each week because it will be so nice to look
back and have these week to week memories. 
it is so easy to forget the day to day details.

this past weekend we went snowboard shopping for R. 
we had been putting this off but for xmas we got some extra spending money!
(thanks dad and g!!)
robert snapped his board last winter.
he insists on jumping off high places and its unfortunate when he lands on a
rock that decided to peek out from under the snow.
thankfully just the board broke and not him!
it is COLD here.
so we purchased a few new beanies...on top of our 20 other ones that we already have.
we still have a foot of snow in our yard.
i am pretty sure it turned into a solid block of ice this week with the freezing rain we got.
just another day at the office.
but thankfully today is friday!
board shopping | snowboard shopping demanded some new beanies | work and a dirty windshield

this snowboard looks huge compared to him.
it actually is the smallest snowboard i have ever seen!
it is small people.  probably made for a 3 year old.
we love to snowboard.  which how can you not if you live in utah!
so in a few years nash will join the club.
in utah they call kids who snowboard gromms.
snowboard slang i guess.
so here he is... a mini gromm.  and a cute one at that.
i am a born procrastinator like i have said before.
here i finally took nash's 4 month pics.
he was still 4 months but only for like 2 more days.  whoopsie.
he does this thing with his lips.
i want to remember it.
and such a ham.
he is good at being a ham.
oh and these pj's.  they are seriously like 32 years old.
my cousin matt & josh wore them.
i wore them.
my 22 year old brother wore them.
now nash is wearing them!
these two cuties.  i like them.
i am spoiled.
constantly grabbing his feet.
i have to bribe him to let go of them so i can change his diaper.
there is his lip thing again.
nash overload.

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  1. I love the photo with your new beanies! hahaha Also, way to start em young! I started skiing at 2. Best thing ever. PS. He is a total cutie!

  2. Such a cute kiddo! Love the pic of baby on a snowboard;)