Tuesday, July 17, 2012

blog design

If you haven't noticed my blog has a beautiful blog title and design.  I am so in love with it!!  It is one of my very best friends creative work - Jenny from French Press Mornings.  Doesn't she do great work!  She recently had twins and opened an etsy shop.  She will be adding more designs to her shop - so be sure to check back if you like her work. 

Jenny and I went to college together and were connected at the hip for most of it.  We studied abroad in England together and got to travel Europe by train for five weeks together.  You can only imagine the memories and crazy stories that two 21 year old girls had from that experience. We were each other's family and I am not sure I have ever known a girlfriend so well.  It has been so fun to live life together and see each other through growing up.

Meet Jenny.  She is cute.

And here are her cute babies.  

My best gals - Jenny included to my right!

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  1. Love her blog design! Hope she makes some of these on etsy!!!